synchrony Ultra
Progressive Lenses

synchrony Ultra Progressive Lenses offer unlimited vision for all your daily activities.

  • Fast switch from near to far and from near to intermediate, when performing dynamic tasks.
  • Relaxed position of head, shoulders and upper body for clear up-close vision activities or the use of computers.
  • Large distortion-free distance zone for natural vision without too many head movements.

3 different options designed for your patient’s needs.

synchrony Ultra HDC

  • Fully customized design optimized according to your patient’s personal position of wear parameters.

synchrony Ultra HDV

  • Optimized design according to the fitting parameters to give complete freedom in the selection of frames.

synchrony Ultra HD
(13, 15, 17, 19, 21 mm)

  • Optimized design for different fitting heights.

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synchrony lenses represent the next step in the evolution of SOLA and AO lenses

More designs, more practice solutions, more satisfied patients.
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