synchrony Easy Semi-finished
Progressive Lenses

synchrony Easy Semi-finished Progressive Lenses provides patients who are looking for a value-for-money solution with multiple options.

  • Excellent vision in all daily activities, with a large distance area and less eye strain when reading.
  • Clear vision while moving, with a low swim effect.
  • Easy adaptation in all common visual activities.

3 options for your patient’s distinct vision needs.

Easy Wear:

(Minimum fitting height of 18 mm).

  • Easy to wear even for demanding activities.
  • Good intermediate distance vision.
  • Cosmetically-flattened, aspheric lens profiles.

Easy Adapt (One):

Formerly SOLAOne®.

(minimum fitting height of 18 mm).

  • Ultra-soft periphery for easy adaptation.
  • Effective balance of central and peripheral viewing zones.
  • Binocular optimization of the design.

Easy View (Instinctive®):

Formerly SOLA Instinctive.

(minimum fitting height of 17 mm).

  • Large distortion-free distance vision.
  • Enhanced near zone for easy reading.
  • Also available in Easy M (Compact): Formerly AO Compact (minimum fitting height of 15 mm) and Easy S (ULTRA): Formerly SOLA Compact ULTRA (minimum fitting height of 13 mm).

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synchrony lenses represent the next step in the evolution of SOLA and AO lenses

More designs, more practice solutions, more satisfied patients.
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